Our Story

The say “absence makes the heart grow fonder…” well, there must be some truth in that, because after living thousands of miles apart for over half of their relationship, Tracy and Mark are getting married!

Tracy and Mark started flirting at Cal Poly in fall 2009 when they had Musical Theater History together. They also say “music is the food of love,” remember? Mark recognized Tracy’s incredible hair and decided to sit next to it… and her. At the end of the quarter, Mark asked her out and the rest is history… a very complicated, travel-heavy history.

Since then, they have rarely lived within 20 miles of each other. First, Tracy went to San Diego for a summer internship in 2010. Then, having decided you can never go too far, she studied abroad in Germany for the last two quarters of her undergrad degree. Not to be outdone by Tracy, Mark accepted a job and moved to Seattle by the time Tracy returned. Tracy, of course, had already accepted a job in San Diego.

They somehow both managed to graduate from Cal Poly in 2011 and continue their loving relationship until (finally) in Sept 2012, after almost two years of relating a la long distance, Tracy moved to Seattle to start Graduate School at Seattle University. This made Mark (and more importantly Tracy’s friend, Megan) very, very happy! So happy, in fact, that he proposed to her one year later ☺

Confused? Jet-lagged? This relationship timeline should help:

  • Fall 2009 - Musical Theater History leads to the start of Tracy/Mark History. Many a serenade was involved
  • Dec 2009 - First Date - Went to see Black Dynamite
  • June 2010 - Tracy moved to San Diego for the summer. Mark stayed in SLO
  • Sept 2010 - Back together in SLO for their last Fall quarter at Cal Poly
  • Jan 2011 - Tracy said “auf wiedersehen, Mark” and left to study abroad in Germany
  • March 2011 - Mark Graduated Cal Poly with a BS in CSC
  • April 2011 - Mark visited Tracy in Germany and took her to Switzerland (because one foreign land is just not enough)
  • May 2011 - Mark Moved to Seattle to start his job Nebula. Tracy came back from Germany
  • June 2011 - Tracy graduated Cal Poly with a BS in SE
  • July 2011 - Tracy moved to San Diego for work
  • Sept 2012 - Tracy moved to Seattle to start attending Graduate school at Seattle U
  • Sept 2013 - Mark ask Tracy to marry her
  • Nov 2014 - Tracy and Mark are getting married!


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